Friday 6 March 2020

Revolution Reloaded Provocative Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches

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Revolution have duped yet another high-end product.

The Revolution Reloaded Provocative Eyeshadow Palette* is definitely “inspired by” the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette… but significantly cheaper at only £5.

I had no intention of buying the Provocative palette when it first launched, but all that changed when I saw it at Superdrug. Trust me, it’s hard to do this palette justice in photographs, it’s just so much prettier in person. The vibrant pinks and purples are very eye-catching… despite some looking completely identical. I didn’t think I was interested in monochromatic palettes, but Provocative proved me wrong! I’ll admit, a lot of my looks are very similar with this palette, but I can still get day and night options with the colour selection.

First impressions.

Like the other Reloaded palettes, the packaging is pretty basic with no mirror and a clear lid, which I think is pretty fair for the price. I think the Reloaded palettes are great for beginners who want to experiment with different colour stories, or those on a budget wanting to try the latest makeup trends.

Of course, if you wanted something a little prettier, you could always spend an extra £4 and pick up the I Heart Revolution Cherry Chocolate Palette* which has a very similar colour story and nicer packaging (I have both, and trust me, you don’t need both).

How does it perform?

I’ve had mixed experiences with the Revolution Reloaded palettes, but this one has definitely impressed me. Some of the matte shades need a little building, and the shimmers perform best with your finger or a wet brush, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t expect for the £5 pricetag. If you’ve tried Revolution before and get on with their formula, you’ll be very happy with this. I’m a big fan of pink eyeshadow, and I’ve really enjoyed using the softer shades for everyday looks, especially shades 11 in the crease and 10 all over the lid.

Final thoughts.

I don’t own the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette this is copying duping, so I can’t compare the quality of the two, but I imagine the Naked Cherry is more consistent in performance. However, I think given how monochromatic this palette is, I can’t see myself wanting to splurge on the high-end version. If you want a decent drugstore palette with lots of pink and purple tones to choose from, this is a great one to pick.

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