Friday 13 March 2020

How to Make a Dud Foundation Work for You… If You Can Be Bothered.

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If this is your first time here; hello, I’m Alice, and I’m a foundation hoarder.

My foundation reviews have always done well on YouTube, and my base is definitely the part of my makeup routine I spend the most time on – which means I’m always looking out for new foundations to try. I’ve bought probably far too many, and found the majority weren’t right for one reason or another… but over the years, I’ve found ways to make dud formulas work for me, with a bit of effort.

Sometimes, if a foundation doesn’t work, it’s easier to just go out and buy something else – but if there’s something that you really like that just isn’t quite suited for your needs… it might be worth reading these tips to see if you can save it.

If the foundation is too matte…

Maybe there’s a foundation tucked away in your drawer that matches you perfectly and lasts all day, but it’s just a bit too drying on your skin. Try adding an oil primer to your routine – my favourite is the Revolution Baking Oil* (review here). Either use as a primer, or mix a drop with the foundation itself to create a more flattering finish.

I also find that applying matte foundations with a damp sponge – like the AOA Super Soft Wonder Blender* – and then using a dewy setting spray really helps everything look seamless on the skin.

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If the foundation is too dewy…

If a formula is a bit too dewy, that’s not quite as easy to fix, but there are a few things that could help. Using a mattifying primer like the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base* could make a big difference. Or, you could try baking the shinest areas of your face to stop makeup sliding around – I like the Revolution Loose Baking Powder in Translucent* for this.

Of course, if you have two foundations you never use because one’s too matte and one’s too dewy, just mix them together – problem solved!

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If the foundation is the wrong shade…

If you’ve found your perfect formula but the shade doesn’t match you, you have two options: buy another foundation in a lighter/darker shade (and potentially mix them together, or switch between them at different times of the year), or buy a foundation mixer. I have a whole bunch of foundation mixers for different formulas. Some are designed to lighten or darken the foundation, and some are there to fix the undertone. I like the LA Girl Pro Color Foundation Mixing Pigment in Blue* to mix with formulas that are too warm, and I always have to have a lightening mixer in my stash for my vampire complexion.

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If the foundation has too much coverage…

Sometimes a foundation just has way too much pigment for an everyday look – but this is a really easy one to fix. My personal favourite method is to apply way less product and sheer it out with a sponge. If that still looks a bit overboard for your liking, try mixing the foundation with moisturiser.

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If the foundation doesn’t have enough coverage…

Adding more coverage to a foundation is a bit trickier, depending on the consistency. If the foundation is lightweight enough you could try mixing in a small amount of your favourite medium-coverage concealer. However, if it’s a slightly thicker texture – like a BB cream – you might have more luck layering other products on top of it. I like using foundation sticks or the Revolution Pro Powder Foundation* for this.

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