Friday 28 February 2020

My Favourite Lipliners and How I Use Them

I’ll be honest: I don’t always have time for lipliners. But when I have an extra two minutes to get ready, they can make a big difference.

For me, lipliners aren’t a daily part of my makeup routine. They require a little more precision than I typically have time for, so I usually grab a moisturising lipstick and head out the door. However, when I want to take my look from day to night or make my makeup last longer, they’re worth the effort.

When it comes to application, I prefer to fill my lips in completely with lipliner instead of just lining/overlining my lips. That way I either have a long-lasting matte colour, or a base for my usual creamy lipsticks to prolong the wear time. I also love them for creating a new, custom colour, and slightly altering the shades of my lipsticks with a lipliner that’s a little warmer/cooler, or slightly darker. If you’re looking for recommendations, here are my most-worn lipliners:

The university favourite.

I’ve been repurchasing the Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in East End Snob* since my university days when I heard Amelia Liana rave about it. It’s the perfect cool-toned pink shade for the Kylie Jenner/nineties-inspired/monochromatic mauve look, which was very popular at the time. I used to wear it on it’s own all over my lips to compliment a simple matte eye look. These days, I usually wear it underneath nude lipsticks that are a little too light or peach-toned on their own.

The £1 classic.

Another long-term favourite is the Primark PS… Lipliner Pencil in Deep Pink. They’re only £1 each, so I tend to bulk-buy these and have multiple backups in my drawer at all times. This lipliner is a beautiful deeper pink with brown undertones, so it’s a go-to during Autumn and Winter for me.

The drugstore options.

I have two of the Collection Lip Definers*, and love the matte formula and twist-up applicator. The shade Nude Pink* is… actually not that pink despite the name, but still a lovely everyday colour. I would describe it as a warm peach, perfect for pairing with pink or nude lipsticks, or wearing alone. I also have a brown shade called Cappuccino*, which I love mixing with my pink lipsticks when I want to deepen them up and make them slightly more warm-toned.

The perfect nude.

My Profusion Matte Lip Liner in Secret Nude* was part of a limited-edition kit when I bought it, however they have a new shade that looks very similar if you like the look of this one. It’s the lightest lip liner I own, and probably my most worn at the moment because it just seems to go with everything. I love wearing this as a base to boost the longevity of my everyday lipsticks.

The one-off shade.

The Pudaier Matte Lipliner in 12* is one of the most unique colours in my collection – it’s a light, cool-toned pink shade that leans a little grey. Somehow it’s a lot more flattering than it sounds, and is perfect for slightly overlining my lips. Again, as this is quite a cool-toned colour, I love wearing this under warmer toned lipsticks to create a custom shade.

Do you wear lipliner? Comment down below with your favourites!

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