Wednesday 24 August 2016

#LivHelps: Blogging Event in Liverpool

I love blogging events, and will happily attend as many as I can blag my way into. Last Saturday, I went to #LivHelps in The Dough Bar in Liverpool (which, by the way, was an excellent venue, and had all my favourite food on the menu). As always, I had my camera attached to my face for most of the day, and got some photos that you can see below. Don’t forget to say hello to Sammy and give her a pat on the back for organising such an amazing day! She did a brilliant job.

The blogging community in the North West is very tight-knit; everyone knows each other, everyone follows each other on social media, and everyone gets excited for each other. It’s an incredible thing, and to be honest the community is my favourite thing about blogging. (Yes, I even like it more than the free stuff.) If you were one of the people who congratulated me and said kind things about my channel and my blog, then you don’t know it but you made my day. I’ve been smiling ever since because of you.

Ok, I’ll stop being soppy now and get back to talking about the event…

We were all pretty chuffed to get a free pair of sunglasses from Peridot London! If you’re interested, I got the Harriet ones. (If you want to see what else we got in our goody bags, that’s at the end of the post!)

Then it was time for the raffle! I don’t buy many tickets when I enter raffles but somehow always end up winning a prize. This time I got the Aquis Hair Lisse Luxe Hair Towel which I’m really excited to try out. Sarah had her eye on the Happiness Planner and was thrilled to bits when she won it.

As I mentioned earlier, we were all given goody bags that were crammed with treats… so many that I couldn’t fit them into one photograph.

First, we got lots of food. See that bag of Portlepay Popcorn on the right? That’s Chilli and Lime flavour, and oh my goodness it’s wonderful. If you see some, get me a pack. And Love With Food gifted us an entire box each from their subscription service. 

The Mavala nail polish in Sienna Red looks like the perfect nineties inspired brick-red nail colour. Oh, and I need to tell you about the Body Fantasies Body Spray in Twilight Mist. I tested it out at the event and it smells heavenly! And it lasted until I got home. I checked it out online for you guys and it’s less than four quid at Superdrug, what a bargain.

If you were at #LivHelps, leave your URL in the comments so I can stalk you. I had a wonderful day and felt so loved, I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

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