Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mini Birthday Haul

drugstore superdrug haul

Hey, remember when I was talking about how I was buying less makeup? LOL. Well, my birthday kind of interrupted my self-imposed making-splurging ban. Or maybe I just cracked after not buying anything for two months, but either way I don't think I went too crazy. Plus, I got this all on 3 for 2 at Superdrug, so it's not that bad... right? Anyway, here's what I picked up!

I've really been feeling eye glitter for a while, and the Dazzle Dust's from Barry M are very popular. I went for Athena - a very pigmented silver-pink. It's beautiful to wear, and I'd definitely recommend it if you have blue eyes.

I needed a new base coat, and this one from Barry M was the only one I liked the look of that they had in stock. It's actually really good! There's a hint of pink in this one which really helps to even things out before you put your nail polish on.

I was looking for a chunky eyeliner pencil to apply on the lashline and blend out - and seeing as I was at the Barry M stand anyway, I thought I'd swatch this one. This is a really nice coffee-bean dark brown, with a golden sheen.

Just like everyone else in the blogging world, I'm in love with highlighter - but I want a glow, not glitter. I already had a Freedom highlighter in Ambient and loved it, but it's definitely too dark for me to use as a highlighter (I use it as a blush topper or eyeshadow). Diffused is a perfect highlight colour for me, unfortunately there is a small amount of glitter in there but it's still really pretty.

I wanted to try out an eye primer to use underneath my eyes to see if it would help my concealer stick around for a bit longer - I'll admit I don't always remember this step, but it works nicely when I do.

You all know that I love this product because I've raved about it before - I use it every single day. I think this is my fourth or fifth bottle? I've lost count. But I always pick up another one when there's a 3 for 2, especially at this time of year when I use them multiple times a day and get through them really quickly.

What have you been buying recently?

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