Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Few Favourites No. 2

I'm still in denial about it being September, so here are a few things I loved in August:

Pretty Little Liars
Did you see the season finale at the end of the month? OMG. I wrote this blog post right after I watched it, if you want to see some of my rambles.

I tried this a few years ago when I first started blogging and hated it - but recently decided to give it another go as my tastes have changed so much since then. I really like this product now! It's like a tinted moisturiser, but if you apply it with a brush you can actually get a decent amount of coverage. And the shade is a perfect match. This is my favourite everyday base.

The Sims 2
I downloaded The Sims 2 Super Collection for Mac just before my birthday last month and it's the best £11 I've spent in a long time. I spent more time in Strangetown than I did in Manchester in August, that's for sure.

iPod shuffle
As you all know, I went to Liverpool in August for the #LivHelps event. I was worried about my phone battery dying if I listened to music on the train all the way from Manchester, so I had a dig around and found my old iPod Shuffle. I was given this in 2008 so I wasn't sure if it would work, but after charging it and giving it a few new songs it was good to go. It turns on much quicker than Apple Music on my phone, so I've been using this quite a lot.

Speaking of #LivHelps, I was given this body mist at the event and oh my goodness I love it. I haven't stopped wearing it since. I couldn't believe it when I found out it was only £3.99! I'm seriously addicted to this.

Oh, and there was another favourite that I bought at the end of August... but that has a post all of it's own, so you'll have until Friday to see it!

What have you been loving over the last month?

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