Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Trench Coat

Blue Trench Coat

Blue Trench Coat

I don't talk about fashion a lot on this blog, simply because I know nothing about the subject. However, I do love to share wardrobe staples, and this one in particular has been getting a lot of wear over the last few months.

I found this trench coat on eBay over the summer - we had a strange summer here in the UK, hot and humid one minute and then pouring down with rain the next. I often threw this over a dress with bare legs to prepare for sudden downpours without getting too warm in the process. I had been looking for a trench coat for a while but hadn't found anything I liked in stores, so I was thrilled to find this one for a tenner including postage. It's originally from Debenhams so probably cost a fair bit more brand new!

Now that Autumn is just around the corner, I've been styling it a little differently. I've been reaching for comfy dark blue jeans and jeggings, with ankle boots, layering shirts and jumpers, and topping it off with a satchel bag.

It's definitely my kind of vintage-inspired style and the sort of colour that goes with all the black/navy items in my wardrobe but still look great with a colourful summer dress, too. It's also very handy for dressing up a much plainer outfit (I do tend to rely on my jackets for that). I'd definitely recommend investing in a trench coat as they're so versatile - but if you can find a second-hand one that fits perfectly, even better!

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