Monday, 9 February 2015

Haircut Inspiration

I don't know if it's the colder weather making my hair dry, or the DIY ombre I did a few months ago (probably the latter) but recently my hair has felt damaged and I'm finding it harder to make it look decent. I've tried leaving coconut oil overnight a few times which normally does the trick, but I think my hair is due for a chop. I think seeing as it's damaged anyway I might as well cut off a bit more and do a collarbone-length haircut. I think I'll miss the length (about three inches), but it will shave a few minutes off the time it takes to dry, plus it should hopefully sort out all the damage. My hair has always been mid-length so getting an inch or two off actually makes a huge difference as to whether my hair looks "long-ish" or "short-ish", so before I make a decision I've been looking at a few different places for inspiration.

As celebrities change their hair every ten minutes (hey, maybe I would too if I had my own stylist), they are a great source of inspiration for haircuts. My current pattern is to look up pictures of a particular celebrity and obsessively pin photos of a particular length/cut I like to my Mid-Length Haircut Pinterest Board. You can see scrolling through it that my preferences change daily, but at the moment I'm pinning a lot of shoulder-length layered styles. One of my favourite things to do on extremely lazy days is try on celebrity styles on Daily Makeover, which I would highly recommend if you have your eye on a particular haircut before you get it done.

Youtuber's and Other Bloggers
I spend a lot of time watching beauty videos on Youtube and reading beauty blogs online as well as working on my own, so it's no surprise that other bloggers and vloggers are a big influence for me. Over the past year or so I've seen a few favourite guru's go shorter, and I think it's subconsciously edged me towards a shorter length... then again, it's also what influenced me to try to replicate a balyage style by myself with a box of L'Oreal Glam Highlights, so maybe it's not always such a good thing.

Old Photographs
Funnily enough, the haircut I'm thinking of getting is one I had a couple of years ago. I found a Polaroid (the square one on the bottom right of the image above) with the exact length I had in mind. I think this would have been taken either at the end of my Bachelor's Degree or the start of my Master's Degree, so it must have been two or three years ago. I could still curl it like I do now, but I also remember it being much healthier back then, and I could get away with wearing it naturally if I wanted to without it frizzing too much. Sigh.

Where do you go for inspiration when you're thinking of getting a haircut? (Or am I the only one who thinks about it this much...?)

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