Sunday, 27 July 2014

My New (Budget) Brushes

As a long-term makeup hoarder, I decided it was time to get a decent stash of makeup brushes. Up until this point I've been using one of the cheaper sets from Crown Brushes (no longer on their website) which weren't great to start with but got more scratchy over time. After getting a few of the single Real Techniques and Eco Tools brushes and being amazed at how they changed my makeup routine for the better I knew I could justify it.

Real Techniques Brushes
Right: Core Collection Kit
Left (from above): Starter Kit, Shading Brush, Setting Brush

I got the bulk of my collection from Real Techniques: their Core Collection Kit (for face), Starter Kit (for eyes), Setting Brush and Shading Brush. I bought them all on Amazon where they are always 15-30% discounted so the lot came to just under £40, which is amazing. My favourites are the Buffing Brush and the Contour Brush that come with the Core Collection Kit, perfect for blending a light layer of foundation and sculpting cheekbones. You don't need me to tell you that Real Techniques brushes are great, because you already know - every other Youtuber and Beauty Blogger has already raved about them. 

eBay Brushes

I also discovered this set of Kabuki Brushes on eBay for under £10. They look like a dupe for the Sigma Kabuki Brush Set which is over £100. I loved the various shapes of the face brushes in particular. Did I need to buy them as well? Nope. Did I buy them anyway? Yup. And I'm really glad I did - the quality is amazing. They're super soft and do a wonderful job of blending my makeup. My only critique is that I was going to use the smaller brushes for eyeshadow but they are all too big for that, though I could use them for blending or concealing red patches on my face. I'll think of something, I'm sure.

My new stash is customised for the way I like to do my makeup. There are a lot of face brushes in there because I spend a lot of time on my base (which, as it turns out, is a lot quicker with a decent brush than with a sponge), but I would recommend any of these for those looking for some new tools. Now I'm going to have another play with them...


  1. love real techniques brushes just reorder a expert face as I have battered mine! I picked up one of these ebay brushes they are really good!

    1. I love all the Real Techniques, I imagine I'll own all of them one day! x

  2. Gahhh I need some new brushes, my old ones are becoming a little 'disheveled'.
    The ebay brushes look sweet and at £10 they are an absolute bargain . Looks like Ill be spending some time on ebay very soon ;) ahaha

    Cait |