Monday, 12 December 2016

Red Christmas Videos 1-4

red christmas alice red

We're halfway through Red Christmas, so just in case you've missed the videos I've done so far (there's a very badly-timed glitch on YouTube at the moment) I thought I'd leave them here for you. So far I've managed to stick to my target of two a week which I'm really proud of.

First, there was the TMI Tag, which I thought would be a really fun way to kick things off. I wanted to do a few more chatty videos over December and this tag seemed like a good place to start. So if you ever wanted to know my height, OTP and qualities I look for in a partner, this is the one for you.

Next, I vlogged the YouTube Creator's Day in Manchester. It's always a lot of fun to vlog events like this because no one really bats an eyelid when you wave a camera in their face!

For the third video, I did  another episode of my Dear Alice series and responded to a viewer who asked how to stay positive when life gets tough. I know from experience just how hard that can be, so I shared what had helped me personally.

I also uploaded the eleventh episode of As Time Goes On, looking back on November. I can't believe I've nearly finished the series for this year. A few people have asked me if I'm continuing the series in 2017 - and yes, I definitely am! You guys love watching them, and I love making them. I might change the titles or the length or make some other minor tweaks for the 2017 series, but the format will be very much the same.

Uploading more frequently has been stressful, especially with the YouTube glitches and some videos being scrapped because they're not quite right, but overall it's been fun so far and I'm really happy that so many people are watching and leaving comments for the extra uploads.

Hope you're all enjoying the videos! This week they'll be one on Tuesday and Friday at 6pm (and possibly one on Sunday if I can get my act together).

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