Friday, 4 November 2016

A Tour of My Desk

I like to tidy it up when I'm filming videos, but on a day to day basis my desk is just as cluttered as my brain. This just happens to be where I spend the majority of my time, so I thought I would share my workspace.

Macbook Pro, with Seagate Hard Drive
I spend more time with my Macbook than with the members of my family; usually editing or writing or on social media. I couldn't possibly store all my photographs and video files on the hard drive so I have an external one from Seagate that I plug in when I'm editing. Even though this means I can only edit when I'm at my desk, it also means that even if something happens to my laptop I'll probably never loose my photos or videos (I still have my old external hard drives from 2008 and they work fine).

Canon 700D, Sony RX100, and a few SD Cards
My camera and memory cards tend to live on my desk as I can grab them easily when I'm heading out, and then remember to import the clips when I get back. I tend to take most of my blog photos on the desk, too, so it makes sense to have the camera nearby.

A pile of notebooks, and my Toad Diary.
They'll be at least two notebooks on my desk at any given time: most likely my Toad Diary and my pink notebook dedicated to plans for my YouTube channel. I love having a written to do list with boxes that I can tick off as the day goes on. Want to look inside my notebooks? Have a look at this post.

They'll always be a bottle of water in close proximity (a good idea if you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen), and they'll usually be a cup of tea or hot chocolate by my side as well. I can't edit without it. There's probably a bar of dark chocolate nearby or some other snack, too.

Some Pens
I usually write with a black fineliner, so I have a few on standby, as well as some colourful ones, too.

Fairy Lights from Primark
You might have seen these on the background on some photos or videos, but I have these gorgeous copper lights from Primark. I think they were only £6 or so. They're a really nice prop for photographs.

Work Light
I've noticed that my eyes feel strained if I'm staring at a bright screen in a dark room, so this just comes in handy now that the days are getting a little shorter (and again, it makes a nice background prop for videos).

Gratitude Jar
I wrote about why I have a gratitude jar in a previous post. Having it right in front of me when I'm working keeps me in a good mood and reminds me what I'm working towards.

Other Stuff
I also like to have a hand cream, a lip balm, and some strengthening nail polish hanging around... just in case.

What does your workspace look like? Is it tidier than mine? Don't answer that, it probably is.

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