Wednesday, 14 September 2016

On Repeat No. 4

Here's a taste of what I've been listening to recently:

Yeasayer: Madder Red

This song isn't a new release, but I had to mention it because I've genuinely been listening to it a lot. Somehow, Yeasayer snuck up on me and became one of my favourite bands.

All Saints: One Woman Man

Somehow I completley missed the fact that one of my favourite 90's bands made a comeback in April, but the point is I know about it now and I've been making up for lost time. They've definitely kept their sound on their new album, but it still sounds modern.

Beyonce: Don't Hurt Yourself (ft. Jack White)

Another album that I'm very behind on... it took me a while to get round to listening to Lemonade because it was exclusive to Tidal and I'm too stubborn to sign up to yet another music streaming service. But when I did, I obviously fell in love with the song that features Jack White. (I can't find a full length version of this song because of the Tidal thing, so hopefully this clips gives you an idea).

Seekae: Void

This is one of those tracks that iTunes recommended and I've somehow become obsessed with it. If you like music you can zone out to, or to have on in the background while you're working or on public transport, you might like this.

What have you been listening to recently?

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