Monday, 12 September 2016

I Got Some Business Cards

I've been meaning to get some business cards to promote my blog for a while, especially now that I'm going to more events. I've seen a few girls handing them out and it always looks so professional. It's a great way to give someone your contact details quickly and easily, which is great now that I'm offering my photography services for hire. So before I head to the #BloggersBlogAwards next month (eek!) I thought I'd order some to help me network.

I wanted to go to a company I could trust, so I chose Moo. I've used them before to make business cards for my photography website, so I already knew their products were high quality.

I designed a very minimal card that co-ordinated with my blog header, with my contact details and URL's on one side, and a (hopefully) humorous caption on the other. They contain things I've genuinely said to other people, such as: "I make videos and put them on the internet" and "I take more photographs than the average person". My favourite thing about Moo is that you can have different designs on every card - so I had seven designs, with different captions. This doesn't cost any extra, so it's well worth going for. It's a nice touch if you're giving a group of people a business card each and they all get a different design.

It took me far longer than it should have done to choose between the regular size, square, or mini business cards, but in the end my design just worked better with the regular size. I also opted for rounded edges and a glossy finish, which is just a personal preference. I always choose the cheapest card instead of the luxe options, but they still feel very sturdy.

Do you have business cards for your blog? Have you ever used Moo before?

This post is not sponsored by Moo - I'm just a very loyal customer. I paid for these cards with my own money. This post contains affiliate links.

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