Friday, 16 September 2016

How to Buy Clothes When You Literally Hate Buying Clothes

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I've always liked nice clothes. I just find it very difficult to find clothes that look nice on me. I genuinely can't remember a time when I enjoyed clothes shopping. Being inside a crowded shop is a huge trigger for my anxiety and I get very overwhelmed by the amount of choice - but at the same time, I can never find what I'm looking for. Usually I give up and leave very quickly, or just go to the makeup section instead.

All that being said, I recently went shopping with Charline to find a few pieces for the #BloggersBlogAwards and somehow came home with three shopping bags (for the result of said splurge, see the photo above). As this was one of the very few shopping trips for clothes that I actually enjoyed and came away liking everything I got, I thought I'd make some tips for buying clothes for people who hate buying clothes. 

1. Plan ahead. Make a Pinterest board, and fill it with outfits, celebrity style, individual pieces you want to buy, and anything else that inspires you. I have one over here that I've been updating a lot recently.

2. Once you've looked at a few websites and seen what's avalible, make a list of the things you want to buy so that you're not overwhelmed when you get to the shops. Think of items that will co-ordinate with the clothes you already own.

3. When you're ready to hit the shops, go when the shops are quiet. Mornings or evenings are great. Avoid lunchtime, weekend and bank holiday shopping like the plague. If you're easily overwhelmed by crowds, this will really help.

4. Take Charline with you (other shopaholics are avalible). If you have someone there who enjoys shopping, and loves fashion, it will make the process a lot easier. It's great to have a second opinion, too!

5. Buy clothes that fit you. I know this sounds obvious, but I didn't do this for years. I bought clothes that were too small because I was either in denial about my size, or thought that it would motivate me to loose weight. It didn't. Buy the thing that fits you. Don't worry about being a certain size. If the number on the label bothers you that much, cut the label off.

6. Try on everything. I don't care if you're on Primark and the queue is four miles long. The queue to return items you don't like is longer, trust me. Make sure you look amazing in everything you buy. If you don't, don't buy it.

I know some of these tips sound a bit obvious, but somehow it's taken me 26 years to get my head around them, so maybe they'll help some of you.

If you have any tips for buying clothes, let me know in the comments below!

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