Monday, 29 August 2016

The Primark Parka in a Pocket

Primark pocket parka

We're in this really weird transition period here in England. We still have our hot, humid Summer days; but we also have the odd monsoon and thunder storm thrown in there as well. Sometimes they can both happen several times in the same day. This makes getting dressed a lot harder than it normally is. I don't want to wear a frock only to get drenched when I step out of the house.

The solution turned out to be in Primark, for a very reasonable £9. I'll admit I typically dread going to the Market Street store as it's always busy, but I'm glad I went in there as I found this parka that's perfect for the unpredictable weather. It's super lightweight and can be worn in the heat without making you feel like you're melting, but definitely protective enough to shield you in a sudden downpour. Plus, you can fold it up, and the pocket turns into a mini pouch that you can throw in your handbag. I had no idea how handy a parka in a tiny bag would be.

For reference, I got a size L - I always upsize in Primark as apparently they didn't get the memo about breasts being a thing. Mine is in the beige colour, but they had a few more adventurous styles as well as a standard black one if that's more your cup of tea.

This would be perfect for festivals, walking the dog, or a typical British "Summer". 

Shout out to my mum for taking a photograph of me in the back garden for this post!

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