Monday, 18 July 2016

26 Goals for When I'm 26

sea waves formby

Tomorrow I'll be 26 (oh, God). To stop me freaking out about getting another year older, I've thought about all the things I can do this year. Some are silly, some are serious.

1. Visit London again.
2. Go abroad. I'm thinking Amsterdam, but I'm open to suggestions.
3. Make more time for travel, exploring and days out in general.

Alice Red art gallery London

Being an Adult:
4. Become better at saving money (AKA stop spending it in Superdrug).
5. Read more books.
6. Become a tidier person.
7. Prepare actual meals from time to time, instead of just snacking on KitKat's for lunch.

YouTube, Career, & Beyond:
8. Make my channel explode.
9. Open an Etsy store.
10. Put myself out there.
11. Keep telling myself that I deserve success until I actually believe it.
12. Step up my video production (especially the lighting).
13. Be brave enough to admit what my goals are, and work for them.
14. Remember to update social media once in a while.

scrapbook photo album

Mental Health
15. Learn to relax and take breaks.
16. Learn to accept my faults.
17. Learn to be grateful.
18. Learn to accept when I need help.
19. Learn breathing exercises to help with panic attacks.

Just for Fun:
20. Start painting again.
21. Take more photographs on analogue film.
22. Study body language (I've been wanting to do this for a while).
23. Reinvent my wardrobe.
24. Learn how to put false eyelashes on.
25. Use up more of my makeup.
26. Continue printing photographs for my scrapbook.

I think if I focus on these goals and not how terrified I am of eventually turning thirty, I should be fine.

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