Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Second Hand Photographs

old vintage photographs

As so many of you enjoyed the post I did when I found some of my grandfather's slides, I thought I'd start sharing some of my collection of second hand photographs. Unlike my grandfather's photos, I'll never recognise the people or places in these pictures. I know very little about them at all, unless there's a note on the back of the photo. 

Hover over the image to read the text on the back.

I started collecting other people's photographs in the third year of my Bachelor's Degree in 2012. I started with prints and Polaroid's; but then started buying slides and negatives, too. The vast majority are purchased on eBay, which is where I found these two yellow boxes of prints.

Kodak photographic paper prints

Most of my collection is family photographs. I don't know how they end up for sale. I hate the thought of future generations throwing out all my prints - but then I remember when my grandpa died when I was a teenager, and my grandma threw out most of the photographs he took in the war. Maybe because she was in her seventies, maybe because she was confused and grieving, or maybe just because they didn't seem as important to her as the ones of the family.

Either way, I've ended up with these prints from the 1950's. As they're packed in boxes of photographic paper, I would assume someone printed these images at home in their own darkroom. They're only 6.5x9cm, which isn't much bigger than a debit card.

I would love to make a book with my found photographs one day... until then, maybe I'll just keep posting them here.

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