Monday, 27 June 2016

On Repeat No. 3

This month I haven't been listening to many new releases (apart from one by Radiohead, which we'll talk about in a minute). Instead, I've been going backwards, going through all my favourite alternative albums from the nineties and noughties. I've been writing a lot this month, and this is the  type of music that really helps me concentrate.

Radiohead: 'Daydreaming'
I know I mentioned a song from Radiohead's newest album in my last On Repeat post, but I had to talk about this song, too. If you need a song to help you unwind, this is it. When I listen to this, I find that whatever I was worrying about before no longer seems to be a concern.

Air: 'Playground Love'
If you've ever watched Virgin Suicides, this track probably sounds familiar. It's beautiful, just like the film it features in.

Portishead: 'The Rip'
I think one reason I love this song so much is that I was 18 when it came out, so it reminds me of the beginning of university and being a bit lost but still excited at the same time.

Björk: 'Jóga'
This is one of my favourite things to have on when I'm writing. It's peaceful enough not to distract me too much, but dramatic enough to help me think of ideas.

In other music-related news, I've been trying out Apple Music instead of Spotify this month. I guess it's ok, but I'm definitely going to have to spend some time adding more music to my library to get better recommendations. At the moment I'm going back and forth between them quite a lot!

What have you been listening to recently?

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