Monday, 6 June 2016

I Need Your Help! (Yes, I'm Doing a Survey)

Those of you who've been around for a while will know that I'm not afraid to shake things up around here. I had a rebrand earlier this year and announced that I was going be more creative, tell more stories and step away from beauty-heavy content.

Nearly six months have passed, and I'm really pleased with the response I've been getting. Not only have the majority of my beauty readers stuck around with the change, but I've nearly doubled the number of subscribers on my YouTube channel.

I'm overwhelmed with how supportive you all are, and as a thank you, I want to make sure that you're all happy by creating a survey. Yes - I do have things like Google Analytics that give me a rough idea of my main demographic and what posts/videos are popular, but I want to know if you like the type of content I post, or if there's something you'd like to see more of, or if you've got any constructive criticism to help me improve. If there's something you want to tell me, this is the time to do it! (Of course, if you like things just the way they are, you can tell me that, too.)

I really love writing blog posts and making videos, and it would be great if my passion paid for itself one day. Perhaps if it did, I could justify the ridiculous amount of time I spend on it! I've been thinking about ways to make that happen, such as selling photographs on Etsy or making a Patreon account. There's a question at the end of the survey about that, too.

Click here to take part - I would really appreciate it!
(Should take roughly five minutes, maybe longer if you have lots to say.)

I always read and reply to comments! Say hello!