Monday, 30 May 2016

ZLYC Camera Bag Review

I've been looking for a new camera bag for a while - something to take on day-trips, that could protect my camera but also fit my purse, an umbrella, a makeup bag, and all the other tat I need to carry around with me. Oh, and most importantly: it had to look stylish, and preferably not like a camera bag at all. If you don't have a few hundred pounds to spend, you'd be surprised at how difficult it is to find something that matches this specification - but then I found one by ZLYC on Amazon, for the much more sensible price of £34.99.

When it arrived, I was very impressed with the quality. It sure is a beautiful bag, with a canvas material and leather buckles. The size is just right, too, with lots of compartments and space for equipment. The velcro slots inside the bag are adjustable, or you can just take the insert out and use it as a regular bag on days when you're not using your camera. I can fit everything I need to in here, and it's made it much easier to bring a camera with me when I'm popping to the city centre or to a friend's house. Plus I feel safe walking around with this, as it doesn't look like a camera bag, and the buckles make it much harder for someone to grab something out of it. Don't let the buckles put you off if you're worried about it being a bit of a phaff - there's some spacious compartments on the side of the bag and a zip one on the back of it, too, for things like your purse and keys.

The leather buckles can be a bit stiff to fasten - but I imagine that that's because this a new product, and as it wears over time it should become a little easier. 

This bag is definitely a favourite of mine, and I'd highly recommend checking out the brand if you're looking for something pretty but practical to carry your equipment.

This review is not sponsored. I bought the bag with my own money.

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