Monday, 16 May 2016

The Toad Diary

A couple of weeks ago, I received a planner from Toad in my goody bag from the #NWMeet in Liverpool. I immediately liked that the start of the diary was the following Monday - normally when you open a diary, you have to skip the first few months that you've missed. I started keeping it on my desk to write down the odd to-do list or appointment, and actually ended up using it quite a lot. I've always loved the idea of a beautifully organised Filofax, crammed with pretty stickers from Paperchase, and appointments in coloured gel pens... but unfortunately, that just doesn't mesh with my chaotic lifestyle. A slim, wiro-bound notebook full of frantic scribbles in black biro suits me far better, and I just find that I seem to use it far more often because it's so darn practical.

As you can see from the photographs, it has the week on the left hand side and then a blank page for your notes on the right. I get along with this layout very well, as it makes it so much easier to write to-do lists, shopping lists, or other notes for yourself. However, the best thing about Toad Diaries is that their products are completley customisable - so if you don't like this layout, you can pick something else for the same price. You can also pick your own cover, binding, start date, and more. Have a look at their website to see all the options! Obviously I got this for free in a goody bag and didn't choose the layout, but I think I would have picked this or something very similar anyway.

After researching the brand more, I'm pleasantly surprised at how affordable their diaries are. When I get through this one, I'll most likely buy another.

*As mentioned earlier, I did receive the product for free, but I am not obliged or paid to review this diary. All opinions are my own.

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