Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Candids No. 3: Liverpool

I took a lot of photos at the #NWMeet 2.0 in Liverpool last month - so many, in fact, that I couldn't include the photographs of the city in that blog post or it would have been too long! But I really wanted to share them, so here they are. Myself, Charline, Hannah and Rachel all fancied a little stroll in the sunshine after the blogging event, so we wondered around with our cameras for a while. It was a beautiful day when we visited (possibly the first clear blue sky I'd seen in 2016) so I wanted to capture it... but it was also rather windy, so we ended up having more than one moment where it looked like we were posing for a shampoo advert.

I love the padlocks on the fence at Albert Dock. They're so romantic.

While we were at the docks, I took a few photos of Hannah's outfit for her blog. I'd love to do this for more bloggers! It was a lot of fun.

We also strolled into Lush, and ended up nattering to the staff about the blogging event we'd been to earlier. They wanted to show us the Spa, which I've heard so much about but never visited. It looks beautiful!

Liverpool, you were amazing. I'll come back soon... promise!

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