Friday, 1 January 2016

My Photography: 2012-2015

I finally made a video about my fine-art photography. Even though I have a beauty channel, this has been very highly requested. As you may know by now, I had a massive creative block after university which I've spoken about before, and I wanted to wait until that had passed before I talked about my work properly. This year I'm really excited to make work again, and I'm also relaunching my photography website, so now felt like the perfect time to make this video.

Links mentioned in the video:

My Experience With Depression: Where I talked about how my mental health stopped me from making art.
Notes from October: Where I started to step back into the art world again, and did my first photoshoot in nearly a year and a half.
My First Photoshoot Since 2014: Where I talked in more detail about the photoshoot titled Clouds Up.

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