Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Foundation Dream Teams

As you might know if you watch my foundation reviews on YouTube and have read a few on this blog, I very rarely fall in love with foundation. This means that most mornings I will reach for my beloved Max Factor Face Finity Foundation, or the super-quick Gosh Mineral Powder, and the rest of my stash will gather dust in my Ikea Alex Drawers. Normally when I don't like a makeup product I just pass it on to my mother (seriously, she can use up anything. I gave her a truly awful blush that was brown with giant gold flecks of shimmer in it, and she used it as an eyeshadow. Genius. It looked amazing, too.) but unfortunately, my foundations are all too pale for her, so I was stuck with them.

In a bid to start using up more of my unloved products, I decided to get a little creative, like my mum would do. I fancied a light, glowy base and neither of my go-to foundations give that kind of finish, so I decided to make one. I took the Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation (full review here) which I pretty much never use as it's too dark for me, but it is very lovely and glowy. I took about half a pump, and then mixed it with a full pump of the Sleek Skin Revive Foundation in Linen. The shade is super pale, which matches my neck perfectly but just doesn't cover my skin redness and is almost impossible to layer. When I mixed them together the result was actually pretty good. I got a foundation in the perfect shade, which had a nice bit of sheen to it. And somehow, when together, they applied much better than they do on their own.

I started doing this more regularly, and now I have a few more bases to choose from when I do my makeup in the morning. When I bought the Gosh X-Ceptional Foundation I swear it looked like the right colour but it turned out to be two shades too dark, so I mixed it with a white foundation from Stargazer so that I could enjoy the lightweight, matt finish. Even products that I actually quite like on their own work well when mixed together. I love the coverage of my Max Factor Face Finity, but when my skin is on the drier side it needs a bit more glow, so I've started mixing it with the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer and I really like the result at this time of year.

Have you ever tried mixing your base products together? Or do you like them just as they are?

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  1. You know I've never actually tried mixing two foundations together to get the perfect one, I'm definitely going to have to start to experiment! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue