Monday, 5 October 2015

Photographs from London

Recently I visited London with my mum and I knew I'd be taking a lot of photographs. Here are my favourite ones from the trip.

These were taken with my trusty Canon 700D and 40mm STM lens, which might seem like an unusual lens for travel photography but that's just what I prefer to shoot with - though I will probably invest in the 24mm STM lens soon as I think it will be more versatile. I thought about taking the 18-55mm kit lens with me, but I really wanted to travel light as I was only taking an overnight bag. I did take the Sony RX100 with me as well, but my mum ended up using it for vlogging - she got really into filming, actually! 

Fancy seeing what we got up to? Watch the vlog going up on my channel this Friday at 6pm. Subscribe so you don't miss it!*

*08.10 So yeah, my harddrive died the other day so my vlog will be delayed... I haven't lost the footage, but I have lost my edit, so it will probably be up next week instead. But it is coming! Promise! Subscribe anyway!

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  1. Beautiful photos Alice! I hope you enjoyed London!😊