Monday, 14 September 2015

Goals for September

Maybe it's because I've been a student for the majority of my life, but I've always seen September as the chance for a fresh start. It's always been the beginning of a new academic year, and a potential clean slate, a chance to have completley reinvented yourself over the summer holidays and come back as a whole new person. I always loved that idea. With that in mind, and also after meeting the wonderful Kat Horrocks and chatting about positivity, I thought September would be a good time to take a step back, re-evaluate where I am, think about where I want to go for the rest of this year and in 2016, and set some goals.

1. Network. 

Networking is the one area of blogging and vlogging that I really struggle at. I'm not the most social person in "real life", and being social as well as remembering relevant hashtags is even more daunting for me. However, I'm at a place right now where I really want to meet other people in the field, both online and face to face, too. (If you live in Manchester or elsewhere in North West England, hit me up, we should get coffee or something. Or even if you don't, we'll figure it out.)

2. Eat less, move more.

Like a lot of people, I could do with loosing ten pounds. This time last year, I was working in a shop and studying in the city centre so I walked a lot, which slightly compensated for my awful eating habits. However, now I'm self-employed and sometimes don't leave the house as much as I would like to, so I want to keep an eye on what food I eat and make more time for exercise. 

3. Be more organised.

I feel like I'm working constantly, and yet getting nothing done? There are people far busier than me who produce far more content so I must be doing something wrong. I really want to work harder at scheduling posts and videos in advance, as well as doing bulk filming sessions for Youtube and bulk photoshoots for the blog, as those are the things that take the longest to set up. If I schedule things properly, who knows, I might even find time to relax once in a while.

4. Fall in love with blogging again.

Sometimes I get so caught up with making every video and blog post absolutley perfect that I forget that this is basically my dream job. I love the creativity that comes with making content, and I love talking to other people with the same interests! I think if I focus more on how much I love making content than having impossibly high standards, my content will be better as a result.

What are your goals for September?

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