Monday, 24 August 2015

Small Youtube Channels I Love

When I started my Youtube channel in February, I truly realised how difficult it is to get more views and subscribers. Before I started creating content myself I never really noticed how most people I subscribed to never had less than 100K subscribers already. It's much more difficult for smaller channels to get noticed than it was a few years ago, which is why I thought I'd share a few smaller channels that I really enjoy. (Just to clarify: when I say small, I mean less than 20,000 subscribers.)

Karishma has only been on Youtube for five minutes, but I already know I'm going to stick with her channel for some time. I really like her style of filming and editing - not to mention, she's really good with makeup. Like, really good. Like "I sure wish my contour looked like that" kind of good.

Kat Horrocks, 1K

I had the pleasure of meeting Kat at a big Youtuber meetup in Manchester, and she is as lovely in real life as she is in her videos. We're filming a collab soon and I really can't wait! She's a makeup artist so you can always trust her honest product reviews and learn a few tricks in her helpful Makeup For Beginners Series.

Emma has a great vibe to her videos - she's chilled out and really easy to watch, with a beautiful filming and editing style. Watching her videos feels like catching up with an old friend. Plus, I think we have a similar taste in makeup, so I know I'll always like the products she recommends.

Dinner With Maddie, 13K

I've been a fan of Maddie for a while now, as she's probably the only other Youtuber who's as sarcastic as me. She comes out with at least two hilarious one-liners in every video, guaranteed. If you like people who chat about beauty but aren't afraid to raise an eyebrow and tut at some of the latest trends, this is the channel for you.

Oh... and I have a teeny tiny channel, too. If you fancy it, feel free to subscribe over here...

What are your favourite channels with less than 20K subscribers? Do you have any advice for new Youtuber's to help them get noticed? Let me know if you have a small channel too, I love finding new people to subscribe to. 

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