Friday, 14 August 2015

Homeware Haul

Ikea Wilko Homeware Haul

So I bought a few things for my new studio and thought I'd make a video about it and put it on the internet. As you do. Please don't judge me for the amount of candle holders, trays and empty boxes I feel like I "need".

On another note, I'm really enjoying filming in my new setup - I know I've been complaining about the sun going in and out in my last two videos but I actually really like using natural lighting. I used to have to spend an hour or more setting up the lights and stuff for my videos, now it takes maybe ten minutes because all I have to do is find a nice angle and prop up the tripod. And yet, somehow, the footage still looks amazing. It's taken a long time but working on this room was totally worth it.

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