Monday, 29 June 2015

Drugstore Nineties Lip Picks

I don't know about you guys, but I am seriously feeling the nineties-makeup trend right now. Whether you've been going for the more historically accurate version with matte brown lips or you've been into the Kylie Jenner vibe with a more mauve touch, you have to admit the look is everywhere right now. It's dominating my Youtube subscription box and everyone seems to have their own take (and yes, I will be filming my own tutorial soon). Personally, I lean more towards the pinker/mauve side of things as it suits my complexion more, but I think I have enough in my collection for everyone to find something they love in this post.

The bargain of the century. I don't own the famous MAC lipliner in Swirl that everyone's gone crazy for, but looking at online swatches this looks like a pretty good dupe. For my complexion this is a smidge too dark to use all over the lips, but I love to use this over the cupid's bow to add a bit of extra definition.

I have Lily Melrose to thank for this one, as I honestly wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't seen her wear this. It's a beautiful mix of brown, red and pink, making it a great nineties nude pick. I love this as an alternative to red lipstick as it's very long lasting. Definitely not as drying as other lip liners, either, so it's a great one to go for.

I've been rambling on about this pinky-brown-nude lipstick for ages now including my last Monthly Beauty Favourites video, and I meant what I said when I said it goes with everything. I'm loving it for the nineties look as it goes really well with matte taupe and brown eyeshadow and a catflick, but it would look wonderful with a smokey eye or a minimal makeup day, too.

This was one of the first lipsticks I got when I started to get into makeup in my early twenties. I had to include this as it goes so well with the Gosh Lip Liner for the perfect brick-red lip. It's a very creamy and hydrating formula, so this is the one for you if you're not keen on overly matt lips.

This is hands down my favourite nineties colour as it's more on the cool-pink side of things which looks better with my colouring. I like to wear this all over the lips, sometimes on it's own and sometimes with another lip product on top. Even though it's a bit drying I've worn it so much that I've actually used it up completely. Sad times, but at least I have an excuse to go to Boots now. By the way, this looks amazing with the Essence Cool Nude Lipstick. 

Do you have any favourites nineties lip products from the drugstore?

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