Sunday, 10 May 2015

New Editions to my Vanity Table

No7 Light Up Mirror and Muji Narrow Drawers

No7 Light Up Mirror and Muji Narrow Drawers

There comes a time in every makeup junkie’s life where they look at their stash and think “OK, maybe I have a problem.”

For me, that time was about two weeks ago after I did my last Makeup Revolution haul, and suddenly had a lot more makeup than storage. I like to have a clear-out once or twice a year anyway and knew that one was overdue, but I had a hunch that even after throwing out the odd expired mascara there was still going to be a bit of a space situation.

I had a good look at the size of my vanity table and where my collection was overflowing - I wanted some extra storage but at the same time my existing Spinning Tabletop already takes up quite a lot of space. That’s why the Muji Drawers were so perfect for me, because they’re stackable. I decided to go for the narrow ones for now, just because I like having a lot of empty space on my vanity table, but if I had the room I would have got the wide ones as they would have fit my eyeshadow palettes. I got Two Narrow Drawers, and a Narrow Two Drawer with a Flip-Top, which I’m not sure I’ll benefit from with my current setup but it was only about 50p more so I thought I might as well.

While I was on the Muji website, I also grabbed a Pen Pot to store excess makeup brushes, and an extra Acrylic Lipstick Holder from eBay. The lipstick container is great because it’s the perfect size to pop on top of the drawers.

As well as some extra storage, I also got a really lovely present from my boyfriend. It’s the No7 Light Up Mirror, which he knew I was eyeing up. My bedroom is is actually pretty dark, so this has made putting makeup on a lot easier - plus the magnified side is great for plucking the eyebrows.

Of course there isn’t as much room for my jewellery in this new setup, so for the moment I’ve moved it to my desk as on an everyday basis I only really wear silver earrings.

I really love my new setup… though when I get my own place I really need to get a bigger vanity table.

Fellow makeup junkies... how do you deal with storage problems?


  1. I really need to add some drawers to my storage, right now everything is such a mess!
    That mirror is perfection though! What a lovely boyfriend you have ^^

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. My vanity typically looks much messier than this... I just tidy it up for photos/videos ;)
      I know, he's amazing :) xx