Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Touch-Up Makeup Bag

My Touch-Up Makeup Bag

I don't carry around my entire makeup collection with me, but I like to have a few things on standby for touch-ups, especially if I'm going to be out all day. There was one occassion at university where there was heavy rain that literally managed to wash off most of my makeup, and I was so grateful that a) was always at least twenty minutes early and b) always carried a mascara and an eyebrow pencil with me. Here are the essential items that I cram into my handbag on a daily basis...

Sometimes, when makeup goes a bit cakey, putting primer on top helps smooth everything out. Sounds bizarre, but it works. I carry around this one from Sleek because it's teeny tiny enough to fit in my makeup bag without taking up too much space.

I never carry my foundation around with me - I don't like the idea of layering it on top of makeup. But I'm a clumsy person and prone to accidentally spilling water down my face when I try to have a drink, or sometimes my concealer fades quicker than I'd like and a few spots are visible again. This is a lovely, creamy concealer that is easy to layer and blend in such emergencies.

This is a great powder that rarely needs touching up, but this is a great one to carry around for when shine starts to show as it has sturdy packaging, a mirror, and isn't cakey. One thing it lacks is a sponge, so I also carry a small brush, too.

I have quite oiley eyelids, so I'll probably throw a single eyeshadow in my makeup bag just in case it disappears during the day. 

Ok, there isn't one in the picture because mine had dried up at the time this was taken, but I always have whatever mascara I'm using in my makeup bag. I have to be prepared, just in case something gets in my eye or I start crying. (Yes, that has actually happened in public before. A few times.)

I rarely get the urge to add more product to my eyebrows, but sometimes I reach my destination, look in the mirror, and do not feel satisfied with their symmetry. Only sometimes. Ok, all the time.

...And at least three different lip products, because I'm incapable of making decisions in the morning and have literally two minutes to grab my handbag and leave the house.

What's in your makeup bag?

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