Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How I Blog: The Tools

I've been doing the whole blogging thing "properly" since the end of university last November, with three updates every week over here. In that time, I've tried a few techniques and I'm starting to develop a blogging routine. It's still prone to changing as I'm fairly new to the game, but I thought I'd share a bit of my writing process and the tools I use; just for fellow bloggers or those thinking of starting a blog, as well as those who are just nosey. Please keep in mind that I was lucky enough to already have most of the equipment before I started blogging as I bought it for my Photography studies over the last few years.

iPhone 4 (yes, 4)

I often have ideas when I'm away from my desk or when I'm trying to sleep at 1am, so I've got into the habit of making notes on my phone using the Notes and Evernote apps. It's about four years old now and getting a little slow, but I can't really justify upgrading yet as it still does most things I need it to do. (Apart from sending emails. It has a real vendetta against sending emails.)

Macbook Pro

The great thing about the apps I use on my phone is that they sync with my Macbook Pro, so I can have a look at my late-night ramblings when I open up the laptop the following morning. I've had this for a couple of years now but it can still handle anything I throw at it. Anyone who edits a lot of photographs and videos like I do will tell you that having a reliable computer makes life so much easier!

Editing Software

I use Photoshop CS6 to edit my photographs, I've been using one version or another since my teens so it would be strange to use anything else, even though I don't do a massive amount of editing for my blog photographs. To edit my Youtube videos, I use Final Cut Pro X which I got the hang of at university.

Blogging Software

In contrast to my editing software, I tend to keep my blogging techniques as simple as possible as in all honesty I still don't know what I'm doing. I use the Blogger platform for my blog just because it's so easy to use. I tend to have dozens of draft posts on the go at once - some still in note-form, some fully written but waiting for pictures, and some that need a bit more tweaking. I use iCal on my Mac to figure out what order I should work on them. I use the monthly view and drag all the post titles around until I'm happy with the order, just making sure that two similar posts aren't too close to each other and that kind of thing.

Canon 700D with 18-55mm STM Kit Lens, 50mm f/1.8 Lens, and 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens

I can write a more detailed post about my photography equipment one day if you guys would like to read it? (Let me know in the comments.) I use the 700D for all my photography and videos over here and the quality is amazing. For my photos, I've started getting into the habit of sketching out ideas before I get the camera out as it helps me visualize what I want and be more creative. I'm trying to make my blog photographs really unique so that everyone recognizes them as my style. For when I'm out and about, I love using the Sony RX100 as it's great quality and the perfect size to put in my handbag.

What are your favourite blogging tools?

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