Monday, 25 May 2015

Handbag Lipsticks (Collab with Helen Jones)

I was having a natter with Helen from Grumpy Woman Loves Beauty about lipsticks we keep in our handbags - you know, the ones that we threw in there six months ago that haven't seen the light of day since. I don't normally put a lot of thought into my lip product of choice unless there's something I really want to try, so having something easy to wear on standby is great for giving me one less thing to think about.

This is basically a tinted lipbalm, but it's one that has the perfect amount of colour - enough that you can see it, but not so much that you can screw it up if you don't have a mirror handy. I love this one because it's the only product that I can put on while I'm walking to the bus stop and not worry about it going everywhere. It's super hydrating too, and great for when my lips are a little on the drier side and can't handle a full-on colour.

For my complexion, this is the perfect neutral colour for me. I really don't want to refer to the overused phrase "my lips but better shade", but it really is the best way to describe it. The cool toned mid-pink is just that bit bolder than my own lips and goes with every eyeshadow I own. It leaves a nice stain on the lips so this is great for days where I'm not going to be able to top up my makeup or when there's going to be food or drink involved.

This is a great one to chuck on for minimal makeup days to add a bit of "umph" to your look, as featured in the Everyday Red Lip Tutorial. It's a creamy red shade that can be worn sheer or layered up for a bolder colour. It lasts reasonably well as the name would suggest, while feeling comfortable on the lips. Probably one of my favourite lipstick formulas, ever.

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Are there any lipsticks that live in your handbag? Let me know in the comments. 

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