Monday, 23 March 2015

What I Bought This Week

I do an unhealthy amount of shopping, but not always so much that I can fill a ten minute haul video, so I thought I'd start a series where I chat about what I pick up during the week. This will most likely be makeup the majority of the time, but every now and again could have some skincare, haircare, or any other crap I buy.

This week it's makeup. I've been doing a lot of makeup shopping lately. There was a big drugstore haul on my youtube channel last week, and I'm pretty sure there was a mini haul on this blog sometime before that, but lately I've been feeling a bit down and whenever I'm unhappy, I shop. I'm having one of those quarter-life-crisis things that most twentysomething's get when they finish university and realise they are thoroughly unprepared for the real world. For years I've used makeup as a pick-me-up, but most of the time I try to buy things that will be good to review or use in a tutorial instead of a pink lipstick that looks exactly the same as the other seven I already own.

Yesterday I went to Manchester city centre for the first time in ages, I love it there but I had very little reason to head into town after my degree ended. So naturally I wondered into the massive Boots on Market Street, and of course I ended up buying a few things.

I've had the Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple on my list for a while as I want to do a Christina Hendricks inspired tutorial on my youtube channel soon. I don't wear a lot of coral colours as I'm not sure if they suit me, but I own a few lip butters already and I know they can be worn quite sheer, so I thought this would be a good one to go for. This way I can build it up for the tutorial, but wear it sheer later so that I'll still get use out of it.

I'm trying to master the art of eyeliner. As I have hooded eyes, I'm convinced that the only way I'm going to be able to do it well is by using a gel pot and the tiniest brush ever, as felt pens are always too thick. I've heard lots of good things about the Maybelline Gel Liner so I picked up the brown one, which I felt a smidge less guilty for buying as I have so many black eye pens that I can't use, so at least this is slightly different. It's lovely to use and the brush that comes with it is actually pretty decent. I  didn't think the brush would be as good as it is, so I also got the Seventeen Angled Brush, but I think it's too thick for what I have in mind. Still, it was only £2.49, and I'm sure I can use it on my eyebrows instead.

There was a 3-for-2 on makeup so I knew I was going to end up getting three things. For my freebie, I treated myself to the Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude. I absolutely did not need another neutral palette, but if it's free it doesn't count, right? When I swatched them in the shop they felt really creamy and pigmented, and I liked the colour range more than the very similar Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette which I already own. I suspect this will be the next palette that I review.

Of course you'll still get full-blown hauls on my Youtube channel, as there are times when I just completley loose my self control. In fact me and a girlfriend are hitting Primark next month so they'll probably be a haul over there in the next few weeks!


  1. Love the photography! I always have that issue, I but a few things and then attempt to keep them for a collective haul when I've bought a few more but end up wearing or using it and then not bothering to share the items so this is a great idea. The maybelline gel liner is one of my favourite eyeliner products as well, love it!


    1. Thanks :) That's exactly why I thought of doing a weekly series! Otherwise I'll just forget to mention everything. Yeah the Maybelline liner is such a dream to use, I just know I'm going to get another colour! xx