Monday, 16 February 2015

Bargain Lippies For Serious Hoarders

Out of everything in my makeup collection, lipsticks are probably my most-hoarded item. But that's just fine - unlike foundations and a few other things, I find that the price doesn't always equal quality. If you're like me and would rather have a cheap lip product in seven or eight colours instead of spending the same money on one lippie in nicer packaging, this is for you. Everything in this list is under £3 so you can buy one in every colour if you like, completely guilt-free.

Products from left to right...

I've heard a few of these shades are hit and miss, but the shade Dazzle is definitely a hit. It's a bold, blue-toned pink that's very pigmented and yet feels creamy. If you're a bit scared of a bold lip but are curious to try it out, I'd highly recommend trying one from this range. For £1, you have nothing to loose.

I love lip crayons as they're super easy to wear and can be thrown on when I'm in a hurry. The MUA Power Pout looks nice and glossy on the lips when first applied, it can be subtle with one swipe or built up for more colour. It eventually fades to a nice stain on the lips that hangs around for a few hours, even after drinking. The shade 'Rendezvous' looks like a brown colour in the crayon but on the lips it's a nice daytime pink. I really need to grab a few more shades!

I was really excited when these were released and bought six shades, which you can read about over here. 'Keeps the Planet Spinning' is definitely the most worn one and seems to always be in my handbag, so much so that the packaging has got a bit battered. One negative is that these have a strong smell, but the formula is lovely and creamy and such an easy way to wear berry colours.

Like the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks, a few of the Natural Collection lipsticks can be a bit hit and miss, but I think everyone loves the shade Raspberry. This is a really pretty pink-red colour that I know I'll be wearing a lot in Spring. Sometimes I can feel the lipstick rattling in the packaging, but for £1.99 I can't really complain. 

I love these and chatted about them a bit more in-depth over here, not only do they feel lovely on the lips but the packaging is sturdy, too. I love all three shades that I own and really need to hurry up and get more, but I've been wearing Barely There a lot recently. It reminds of the whole Kylie Jenner nudeish-brown lip trend - I look a bit odd with brown lipstick because of my colouring, but this one has just enough pink to make it wearable. 

What are your favourite bargain lip products?


  1. These all look gorgeous! Especially the middle shade!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Yeah the Makeup Revolution Liphug is lovely! Thanks for the comment :)