Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I Heart Makeup Go! Palette Review

I got the I Heart Makeup: GO Palette for free on my last Makeup Revolution haul when I spent a bit too much money. My first impression was that it looked like a really nice do-it-all palette; with six eye colours that were very "me", and a bronzer, blush and highlight, too. I thought the concept would be nice for those who travel a bit and needed everything in one palette, or suitable for makeup beginners on a budget as it ticks a lot of boxes.

I've tried quite a few things from Makeup Revolution and their sister brand I Heart Makeup and I really like most of their stuff - however, I thought this one was a bit of a dud. I love the concept and the colours, but the shadows just aren't that good.

On the picture of the swatches, there are six eyeshadows and then the blush, highlight and bronzer. I had to do a few swipes for this picture or they wouldn't have shown up at all (though the lightest one on the far left is still invisible). They are very glittery and don't have a lot of pigment so you have to build them up - of course, the more you build them up the more glitter fallout you'll get. Everything was pretty hard to blend, too, so I had to use the invisible shade first to help things along. The light pink was the most appealing shade but on the eyelid it looks more like glitter than colour, so I had to wear it on top of the darker pink.

I tried to use the bronzer to contour but it was difficult to get anything to show, and when I built it up things got a bit patchy. I think it might work as a very subtle bronzer to use around the face, but I struggled to use it on a smaller area. The same thing happened with the blusher, even though I tried a couple of different brushes. The highlighter is alright, and probably the only thing I'm really happy with the palette, though it only shows up in sunlight.

In short, everything in this palette is a bit too powdery and glittery, needs a lot of work to build up and is difficult to blend. It might be good for beginners on a tight budget but there are a lot of other eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup that are so much better than this one, so if you have an extra few pounds I would encourage you try something else and maybe get a sculpting palette separately. I hope this doesn't put anyone off trying other things from the brand because they have some seriously good buys - just not this one. If you're into pink eyeshadows, the Salvation Palette in What You Waiting For? is amazing.