Monday, 19 January 2015

A Few Things from Essence

When Essence launched earlier this year, I wasn't sure if any of their products would appeal to me, but the odd review kept popping up on my Bloglovin feed and Youtube subscriptions, and before I knew it I was making a shopping list. I live in Manchester, so I'm lucky enough to have access to an Essence stall at the Arndale Centre. This was actually a few months ago. I keep meaning to go back, but in the meantime I'll review the small selection I got so I could make up my own mind on the new affordable brand.

I got a Longlasting Eye Pencil in 18 Berry Merry, a Silky Touch Blush in 40 Natural Beauty, and the Lash Mania Mascara, but I knew as soon as I swatched them that the Longlasting Lipsticks were going to be my favourite purchase. They're just the sort of lipstick I like: creamy, buildable formulas that feel lovely on the lips. I got 04: On the Catwalk (featured in a previous FOTD), 06 Barely There, and 07 Natural Beauty.

Swatches: 1) Longlasting Lipstick in 07. Natural Beauty. 2) Longlasting Lipstick in 06. Barely There. 3) Longlasting Lipstick in 04. On the Catwalk. 4) Longlasting Eye Pencil in 18. Berry Merry. 5) Silky Touch Blush in 40. Natural Beauty. 

On the Catwalk is a soft, mid-tone red, which I would recommend to those wanting to try out a red lip but are a bit scared of the whole thing, as it's a little more sheer and forgiving. Natural Beauty is very similar to my natural lip colour, good for minimal makeup looks or when all the focus is on a dark smokey eye. Barely There is a pinky-brown-nude. I got this particular one because I'd wanted something slightly brown for a while, to go with this whole 90s Kylie Jenner look that I've been seeing everywhere. This has enough pink in it to suit my skintone but I don't find myself reaching for it as often as the other two. For £2.30 each, I was very impressed. They remind me a lot of the Makeup Revolution Liphug Lipsticks - I think I like the packaging better on the Essence range, but probably prefer the colour selection of the Liphug's.

I've been wearing the Longlasting Eye Pencil in Berry Merry a lot since I got it. It was really good value at just £1.50 and I love the colour. I also really like that you don't have to sharpen it and it doesn't smudge. The Lash Mania Mascara was pretty incredible, too. I reviewed it over here for the Mascara Chronicles and loved the length and volume it gave for only £2.80.

The Silky Touch Blush in Natural Beauty seems like a nice formula, but it's just the wrong shade for me. On the Wilko's website and in person when I looked at it, it seems like a nice light brown contour. If there was a tester that I could have swatched, I would have seen that it's just too orange for me. However I like the formula so I might try a different colour and see if I get along better with that. It's just the right level of pigment so that the colour shows up but you can't go overboard with it, and has a very subtle shimmer that will suit everyday wear.

All in all, I'm really happy with my purchases and at some point I will get some more. I really want to try the £1 Lipliners and some nail polishes, and maybe a couple of other mascaras seeing as I get through so many. I think the range is really good value and I'm sure next time I go I'll find a few gems.

Have you tried anything from Essence? What did you think?

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