Friday, 26 December 2014

Makeup Revolution #Liphug Lipsticks

I accidentally ended up buying six of the new Makeup Revolution #Liphug lipsticks, along with a couple of other things for Christmas stocking fillers when they had their Black Friday offer. In an attempt to justify yet another unnecessary purchase, I thought I'd review and swatch them for the other makeup junkies out there! I bought them because they sounded very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters, except these are £2.50 each instead of £7.99 so you could grab three #Liphug's for the price of one Lip Butter. It's the kind of lipstick I wear most often - pigmented but soft and comfortable on the lips. When I first opened, swatched, and tried a few on, they did indeed remind me of the Revlon Lip Butters, though I'll admit they have a much stronger plastic smell (which is beginning to fade now, thankfully). Unlike the Lip Butters, the #Liphug's all have the same packaging so it's harder to tell them apart, but at least the names of the shades are on the bottom of the tubes.

Love Can Set You Free (above) is is almost nude on me, so I'll probably want to wear it more in Spring, or maybe with a dark smokey eye. I imagine this will look nice on most girls with fair skin.

Keeps the Planet Spinning is probably my favourite one, it's a nice sheer berry colour. You can wear one swipe for a subtle tint of colour, or build it up a little. It's super easy to wear for those who want to go for the dark lip trend but are a little bit scared of the more matte formulas.

We Have Come Too Far is a little trickier to apply, but it's worth it for the sheer pink-toned apple red. It reminds me of the sort of shade Christina Hendricks would wear.

To Get Lucky is a lovely deep glossy berry-red, and one of the more opaque colours in the collection. I think any complexion could pull this off. I wore this a lot over Christmas as it's the perfect modern red.

Saviour Will Come is another sheer red, but this one is a deep wine colour (I'm not sure how accurately it came out in the photographs). It's quite a romantic shade, probably ideal for dates. This one drags a little more when applied as I noticed the slightly darker ones do, but once it's on it looks fine.

Still Missing My Baby is my least favourite from the selection. It's a nice colour but it's completley different to the swatch on the website when I bought it. It looked more like a deep red, (more like what Saviour Will Come turned out to be) but it's actually a vampy purple-ish colour. I'm not 100% sure if it actually suits me, I think it clashes with my orange hair a bit. It's also quite patchy and the most difficult to apply.

I'll admit that some of the shades look quite similar, which I was aware of when I placed the order after looking at some other reviews. When swatched some of them look identical but on the lips there are enough slight variations to justify having too many. I probably didn't need all of them but... yeah, hoarder. They're all the sort of colours that I like to wear despite some of them not looking the quite same as they do on the website. Just as I suspected they're very soft and feel moisturising, but they're very pigmented. Some of the colours feel a bit thicker but overall are easy to apply. I was also pleasantly suprised at how well they last, even though they're not advertised as long-lasting they hold up really well and they left a slight stain after I swatched them on my arm.

Have you tried the new #Liphug's? What do you think?

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  1. Those lipsticks look great! All of the colors are vibrant and lovely. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. You're welcome! I highly recommend them x

  2. Replies
    1. Try one on your next shopping trip :) x

  3. Replies
    1. It's the perfect red for this time of year :) xx