Wednesday, 10 December 2014

(Another) Makeup Revolution Haul

I think I have a serious addiction. This is a combination of two hauls - one I did a little while ago on Superdrug when they had a 3-for-2 (I think I only ever shop when there's a 3-for-2), and then my parcel arrived from my Black Friday order when they were giving away products worth £25 when you spent £25. I thought some of the free gifts would make great stocking fillers for my mum - but now I don't want to give anything away! I also meant to throw in a few eyeliners to my order but I completely forgot. I'll try to resist for now because I know I'll end up getting carried away again...

So, for my first haul on Superdrug I was actually quite restrained (by my standards) and only got a few eyeshadows. I really wanted one of the Iconic palettes and settled on Iconic 1. Then I picked up a few single eyeshadows in Hung Up (a matte pinkish-brown), Insomnia (a dark purple, for mum's stocking), Make It Happen (a shimmery purple-tapue) and Good Life (frosty light pink-taupe). I also grabbed some Eyedust's in Supreme (shimmery silver) and Affulent (shimmery gold). They're loose pigments so I don't think I'd use them on a daily basis, but I thought they'll be really nice during the holiday season.

After that, they released a few other things on their website that caught my eye so I knew another order was iminent, then I cracked on Black Friday. I really wanted to try the new #Liphug lipsticks, so I grabbed... six. Well, technically, I got seven, because I got two of the same shade so that my mum can have one. Why I felt the need to buy that many lipsticks, I do not know. I very rarely buy that many of the same lipstick. To make it worse, a few of them are very similar colours. I'm going to justify it by reviewing them at a later date. The shades I picked up are Love Can Set You Free, Keeps the Planet Spinning, To Get Lucky, We Have Come Too Far, Saviour Will Come and two tubes of Still Missing My Baby.

Then I grabbed The One Blush Stick in Matte Malibu, I've seen a few reviews of this and it looks like a great cream contour product. I also picked up some Brush Shampoo for me, and some Brush Cleaner for mum (which wouldn't fit in the photographs. That's when you know you bought too many things!).

Then I got my free gifts!

First, I got five lipglosses. I want to keep Must Be Strong, a bright, sheer red-pink colour. I'll be putting two safer colours in my sister's stocking, Free (a clear gloss) and Not Naive (a neutral light brown) as she's not as into makeup as me and my mum and won't want anything too scray. My mum will get Baby Try (a bright blue-toned pink), and Hush Hush (a peach with gold shimmer).

There was a single eyeshadow in Blow Your Whistle, which I think will go nicely with the Insomnia eyeshadow so I'll be passing that on to mum, too. I'll also be giving her the giant Chocolate Shimmer Bronzer Powder, which I think she'll love. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with the Amazing Curl Mascara as it's in Black/Brown, I might put it in my sister's stocking or I might review it for this blog.

The best free things I got were the I Heart Makeup palettes in Go! and Go To Hell. I'd seen these on the website but hadn't thought anything of them, but now that they're in front of me I think they look really beautiful. Go! looks like the sort of thing I'm really into at the moment, I'm going through a bit of a pink/purple phase with eyeshadows, and it also has a natural contour shade, pink blush and a highlighter. Go To Hell looks pretty cool too, with some more experimental bright purples and blues. Some of the nicer shades seem a bit small but overall, it looks nice.

Phew, what a haul! Well done if you made it to the end! Most of the things that I'm keeping will be reviewed soon - what do you want to see first?


  1. Looks like you picked up some amazing goodies!!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. I went a bit mad :) Really loving everything I got though! x