Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Makeup Detox

Before... Lots of unloved eyeshadow palettes and way too many lip balms for one person.
After... Much less eyeshadow and concealer, still hoarding the lipsticks.

After watching Vivianna Does Makeup's Makeup Clear-out video and getting really into Tati's Makeup Graveyard series,  I felt like it was time to having a similar re-vamp of my own collection. This year, I've been quite stressed due to completing my Master's Degree, and I think weekly (or sometimes twice-weekly) trips to Boots and Superdrug became a quick and easy way to let off some steam, so my collection has been growing rapidly. Recently it got to the point where my stash exceeded my storage, which is when you know it's time to have a sort-out.

Just like Tati and Vivianna, I found the best method is to tip everything out onto the bed. It's quite eye-opening seeing everything you own in front of you and realising you have several lipsticks that are almost the same shade of pink. To be honest, it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was - but  I have a lot more than the average non-blogger-person, and there were definitely a few things in there that I could get rid of.

The vanity table, with my most-used items.
The drawer, with products that won't fit in the spinning organiser.
Some things just didn't suit me or I didn't get on with, which I guess is part of the trial-and-error that comes with makeup shopping. I finally chucked out the Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick, which is just awful. Other things I thought were great when I bought them, but since then I've bought other things that I just like more. I used to love the Rimmel Match Perfection, it was my first foundation that was actually pale enough for me, but now I tend to wear foundations that have a yellow undertone as it masks the redness in my skin better so I moved it along. I thought the MUA Eyeshadow Palettes were amazing when I bought them a year and a half ago, but now I prefer the palettes from Makeup Revolution and want to invest in a few more.

I'm still not sure about blush and contour products, everything is either too dramatic on my pale skin or clashes with my orange hair. I want to keep practicing with what I have before I edit them down too much as I'm still seeing what suits me. I didn't get rid of any mascaras either, as most of them need reviewing for the Mascara Chronicles series and some aren't even opened yet. But I managed to clear out two foundations, two lipsticks, three eyeshadow palettes, six single/trio eyeshadows, two lipliners, four eyeliners, three cream eyeshadows, four lip balms, three concealers, an eye crayon, a powder, a primer, and a few other bits. It doesn't sound like a lot, but everything I got rid of filled up a small shopping bag that I promptly handed to my mum incase she wanted any of it before I chucked it out. 

All my products now fit in my Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organiser and my drawers, which just have some food containers from Wilko's to stop it getting too messy. I think in the long term I'd rather invest in some Muji drawers as the spinning organiser is quite restrictive in terms of what you can put in there, but for the time being my vanity table looks much tidier!


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    1. Thanks Jasmine, they were only a couple of pounds from Wilko's ;) x

  2. I spotted your Makeup Revolution Fixing spray! I swear by this :)



    1. It's good stuff :) thanks for the comment! x