Friday, 22 August 2014

Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup Haul

I succumbed to the constant posts on my Bloglovin feed and the Twitter excitement and ordered a few things from Makeup Revolution. I do love a bargain beauty brand. I've had my share of MUA goodies and the odd thing from Natural Collection and I've discovered some real treasures, so I knew that it was only a matter of time before my first Makeup Revolution order. I managed to resist until I was helping my sister look for a cheap foundation and we couldn't find a pale enough one in the local stores, so we got a few bits for her on the Budget Makeup Starter Kit and then I got a few other things...

Left: Salvation Palette in 'What you waiting for?'
Right: Death by Chocolate Palette
The first thing on my list was eyeshadow palettes, but there are so many and they all have good reviews so it was really difficult to not get all of them. I was quite restrained in the end and only ordered two. I did like the look of the Naked Palette dupes - the £4 Iconic Palettes - but I already have some similar ones from MUA and didn't feel the need for more... well, for the time being anyway. I decided to go for the slightly pricier palettes with the huge mirrors inside which would be ideal for taking on holiday. I got one of the Salvation Palettes in What You Waiting For? as I liked the look of the neutral colours with some pink thrown in there. I wasn't going to get anything from 'I Heart Makeup' as a lot of their packaging is a bit young for me, but I couldn't resist the Death by Chocolate Palette, the dupe for the Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette. Incase you haven't noticed, I'm a sucker for a neutral palette. I love both of them and will do a more in-depth post on them both soon.

Another thing I wanted was The One Foundation in Shade 1. It's a completely white foundation which I bought it to mix with some foundations that are a tad too dark for me... and, being incredibly fair, that's about half of my foundations. I've tried it out a few times and it works really well with heavier foundations as it's quite a runny texture. I also got the Matte Concealer in 01 Fairest to cover large spots, and the shade is perfect.

(From Left) The One Foundation in Shade 1, Lipstick in Dazzle, Lip Gloss Tube in Touch, Matte Concealer in Fairest, Cream Blush in Caramel Shake
While I was there, I got a few impulse purchases, too. There's a Lip Gloss Tube in Touch that's quite nice over lipsticks and definitely not sticky, and a Cream Blush in Caramel Shake that I thought would be nice to contour but is probably too orange. I wasn't sure about getting a lipstick online as I knew I wouldn't be too sure what it would actually look like. Fortunatley, Miss Budget Beauty did a review on The Amazing Lipstick in Dazzle, and I couldn't help but think it looks just like what Karen Gillan is wearing in this photo. It's not the sort of colour I'll wear every single day therefore not the sort of thing I want to spend a lot of money on, but I do intend to start a Youtube channel after my Masters is over and do a tutorial on this look.

I also was really excited by the Brush Cleaner (not pictured). I like to do a deep clean with baby shampoo every week or so, but I've wanted a spray cleaner for a while for when I drop brushes  on the floor or use a dark shadow or something. I've never seen one this cheap on the high street. The bottle is huge making it great value for money, and it smells just lovely.

All of the above came to £27.49, which is amazing. I'm really impressed with the quality, especially the eyeshadow palettes. There will definitely be more hauls to come from this brand.


  1. I need that death by chocolate palette! The shades are gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. I totally recommend it, the colours are beautiful. Can't believe it's only £7.99 x