Monday, 4 August 2014

Giving Disappointing Products a Second Chance...

...Or trying to, at least.

Shopping is something I put a surprising amount of thought into - I take notes from everyone on Youtube, then I go to Superdrug with my list, then I swatch a few things, then I think about it and go back to it a few times, then I leave, then I go back the next day and buy it. As I'm doing a Masters degree my funds are limited so I have to really justify something to myself. So when I finally get round to buying something, and then I don't like it, you can probably predict how disappointed I'll be.

Most of the time, I will accept that the product just isn't right and then give it to my mum, but there are a couple of things in my collection that I've held on to, hoping that if I keep trying, I'll find a way to love them. Recently, I've been picking up products I haven't used for whatever reason and giving them another go. Here's what happened...

Gosh BB Cream in 01, Sand
I want to start by saying that this isn't a "bad" product, it's just not suitable for me. I really got into wearing foundation at the beginning of this year and thought a BB cream would be nice for my everyday routine as they're less effort to blend. This has a wonderful texture and applies easily, but there isn't enough coverage for me. It's more like a tinted moisturiser. If you're into the more natural look this will be wonderful for you - technically, that's what I would prefer, but I have very red skin and need a bit more power than this. I've been trying to give it the benefit of the doubt by applying my first layer and then adding more with a sponge. It's nice enough, but using a proper foundation in the first place will get the same result in significantly less time. However, it's nice to mix with a foundation that's a smidge too dark as the colour match is perfect.

This primer had a lot of hype in the blogging world, but I just can't see the appeal. It's supposedly a multipurpose product: you can use it as a primer, or mix it with foundation for a dewey finish, or as a highlighter. I tried this as a primer thinking it would be fab for my dry skin, but it's that sparkly I ended up looking like Edward Cullen. I tried it as a highlighter, and it just moved my foundation around and didn't show up. Lately I've been mixing it with matte foundations but I don't think I've cracked the right foundation:primer ratio yet. I don't think I'll be repurchasing this, but for the time being I'll hold onto this to make heavier foundations more lightweight over the hotter months.

I love the mid-pink colour, and the light, sheer formula - but not the frost finish. I didn't realise this had a silver sheen despite swatching in store, maybe the lighting wasn't good or maybe I just wasn't that observant. Either way, it's annoying as I would have loved this otherwise, it feels so nice on the lips. Anyway, when I do use this, I'm combining it with another lip product. For now it's really nice to lightly dab on top of Seventeen Mirror Shine in Belle (which, as it happens, is another lip product I wasn't all that impressed with on it's own. Smells plastic-y and has annoying packaging). I'm thinking of investing in my first pink or clear lipgloss since my early teens to wear on top. Might work.

I really wanted to like this, it's a cream eyeshadow that's a nice shimmery champagne colour. But even though it swatches wonderfully, the colour payoff isn't visible on the eyelids. I have been having more luck using it as a liquid highlighter on my cheekbones, in the way I hoped the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer would work for me. I think I would have rather had something like the Maybelline Color Tatoo's but in a shimmery nude colour (I think you can get them in America but not here).

If you have any disappointing products lying around, it might be worth using them for a different purpose. Lipsticks make great cream blush, a foundation that's too dark can be used to contour... it's just about being creative. I've played around with these products and found a new lease of life for them. Hope this was helpful for some of you who've bought something your regret.


  1. I love the Latino lipstick, it was my everyday shade a few years ago!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Funny how different things work for different people :) I do really like the formula of it so I might find another colour in that range (without frost) that I love x