Friday, 15 August 2014

Budget Makeup Starter Kit

My older sister, Hannah, has never expressed an interest in makeup (which is absolutely fine, by the way) until last week. Out of the blue, she asked me to try out a very simple look on her and liked the results so much that she asked me to accompany her on a trip to the Superdrug and Boots for a basic makeup starter kit, with a budget of around £20 (meaning everything had to cost £2-£3 each or less). Being a beauty blogger who would never pass a shopping opportunity, I was happy to help, though I'll admit the tight budget was an initial concern. We went over that if you include the cost of the makeup brushes, but I think we did very well, so I wrote this for any other makeup newbies who don't want to spend a fortune.

Here's what we got...

1. Foundation: There are a couple of cheap foundations from MUA and Natural Collection but they weren't pale enough so I thought that would be an excellent excuse to try out the new Makeup Revolution website, where we found Matte Foundation in Ivory, £2. (And yes, I did get a ton of stuff for me while I was there. Haul coming soon!)
2. Concealers: MUA Hide and Conceal in Fair, £1, for spots and Makeup Revolution Liquid Concealer, £1.50, for under-eye circles. 
3. Powder: MUA Loose Powder, £2.50.
4. Rimmel Brow This Way in Mid Brown, on offer for £2.99. Rimmel also do a great eyebrow pencil for the same price if you'd prefer that to a brow gel.
5. Eyeshadow: Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow in Mocha/Latte and Single Eyeshadow in Milk Chocolate, £1.99 each. Hannah wanted simple, not-too-shimmery neautral eyeshadow so I thought of the Natural Collection range. However, if you're after something more shimmery or with more colours, there are various low cost palettes from MUA and Makeup Revolution.
6. Mascara: Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara in Black, £1.99. With the two eyeshadows, we got the 3-for-£5 deal on Natural Collection. Their mascaras are great for girls who like the natural look.
8. Lips: Hannah didn't want anything too dramatic on the lips, so I thought it was best to stick with a tinted lip balm. We picked the Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips, on offer for £1.32.
9. Brushes: We got two Superdrug own-brand brushes. We needed the Kabuki Brush, £4.59 for the loose powder and an eyeshadow Blending Brush, £1.99. You can also get full sets of makeup brushes on sites like eBay, if you want more variety without spending a lot of money.

Total: £25.88 (£19.30 without the brushes)

I was pleasantly surprised that it is possible to find a full set of makeup for £20. We didn't include any cheek products as Hannah isn't keen to try that (I don't tend to wear blush daily as I'm quite prone to red skin and I think she would be the same), but I've previously done a post on Natural Collection blushes which I like very much and are only £1.99. 


  1. Lovely post! Makeup Revolution, Collection and MUA have some lovely products for affordable prices :D
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Thanks for reading :) I do love a good budget brand. Makeup Revolution are my current favourite x