Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Mascara Chronicles Part 1: Seventeen Doll'd Up

Recently my beloved L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic dried up on me, and for some reason I got the urge to try something different instead of replacing it straight away - probably due to being too much of a cheapskate to fork up the £10.99 for something that would expire after three months. Surely, in the vast aisles of Boots and Superdrug, there would be something that would do just as good a job for less money? And then I thought that my search for a new mascara would make a nice series on my blog, and thus The Mascara Chronicles was born.

What I look for in a mascara...
My lashes are short, sparse and fine, so my mascara has a lot of work to do. I like them to look much, much longer and thicker but with minimal clumping, so quite a dramatic look but still very defined. As far as the wand is concerned, I tend to opt for one with plastic bristles to get that definition - however, for this series I may try something I wouldn't normally go for, just to see what happens, though I'll probably try to stick to smaller brushes as otherwise things tend to get messy. I decided budget-wise to not go any higher than £8, and I imagine most of the ones I pick up will be around £6 judging by the sort of thing I've been eyeing up so far.

Now, let's get on with the first mascara of the series... the Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara in Blackest Black. 

What attracted me to this mascara was the wand - it looks perfect for me, plastic with a nice curve to help lashes curl. The price is very reasonable and £6.29 and the packaging is just beautiful for the price, a very cute red and black that will look lovely in any makeup bag. It claims to give volume and curl, but a lot of reviewers have said that it's quite good for length too, which I would agree with despite it not having any fibres or any lengthening claims on the bottle.

Unfortunately, the formula is fairly wet and therefore the result, although lovely, takes longer to achieve than I would like. I find that I'll apply it and it will look nice but then my lashes will get clump together as they dry, or that it can be very prone to smudging if you have a fringe like me. I don't like to keep mascaras for longer than three months as I'm keen on expiry dates and things, but I can't help but think that this is a mascara that would get better with time when it's dried up a little. Also, the result isn't as dramatic as I would like for something that claims to give "doll-like" lashes. I would probably recommend this for those who like the natural look as it would be great for that. You could probably build it up a bit, but I find it gets a bit messy, you might be able to see in the photo. It's a nice enough product, it just doesn't tick enough boxes for me.

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