Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Makeup Staples: Lips & Nails

I tend to buy lip and nail products the most as they're my favourite things to purchase - however I have very few staple items, unlike my face and eye posts. That being said, there are a few things I'll be re-purchasing when they run out...

The Lips:
I love to wear this underneath lipsticks as a little bit of extra nourishment and colour, or just on it's own for a low-makeup day. I love 'Hydrate' (the blue one) too, though apart from the slightly more pleasant smell it's not too different to any other clear lip balm I suppose.

I couldn't pick just one shade as I love them so much. As you can see in the photos, I have used them to the point where they no longer have their original perfect crayon shape, but the product is just the same. I love that you can give a quick sweep of sheer colour or build it up for an opaque lip - whatever you do, the results are long-lasting.

I have a few colours from this range, but this is definitely my favourite one - a classic mauve-pink that makes it look like I've put effort in without going overboard. It's one of those colours that look good for any occassion, any time of the year, with any eye look, and must be treasured. 

The Nails:

This is the only high-end beauty product I own. Normally, I wouldn't even think about spending over £5 on a nail polish - but my nails are that bad and break so easily that every formula of Sally Hansen just didn't do the trick, so I have since justified my second bottle. If your nails spilt/break on a regular basis and feel thin and weak, and no high-street nail strengthener has made a difference, I would highly recommend this.

I do love a nice nude pink, which is probably why this one only has half the bottle left. When one's nails are as short and uneven as mine, sometimes it's best to keep it simple and neat and not to draw too much attention to them while keeping them groomed. This is the best brush/formula I have ever come across, the wide brush makes it really easy to apply while the formula is opaque enough after one coat. Did I mention it dries in sixty seconds? Perfect. Other favourite colours include: Rapid Ruby for a night out, and Rose Libertine for a daytime date.

I've been obsessed with this hand cream recently, I got the small one just for throwing in my bag but I'm quite tempted to get the larger size too, even though I already have plenty of hand creams that I need to get through. It says on the bottle it's for mature skin, but I just like the smell.

And that sums up my Makeup Staples. Rememeber to check out the other posts for the Face and Eyes.

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